FASTVend: Track and Control

A Total Supply Chain Solution — Through our FASTVend™ program, we help tens of thousands of organizations worldwide track and control the products they need to keep their operations running. They’re using vending as a strategy too improve access, reduce consumption, drive productivity, and gain insight to how products are being used throughout their facilities. The common thread: They rely on Fastenal for a total supply chain solution – from initial implementation, to ongoing technical support, to proactive inventory management and program optimization.


Technology Lineup


Each customer solution is unique, but all share a core technology platform. Key features include ID-based access (connecting products to individuals and, by extension, cost centers) along with cloud software (a simple, secure way to manage settings and view reporting). Our 20+ devices are organized around the following concepts, providing the right balance of access and control for every product used in your business.

Control Inventory — Understand how much inventory is being used by who and for what project.
Track Inventory: — Understand who’s had the inventory and for how long.

Providing per-item control over fast-moving items. The user has access to one product at a time (one transaction = one item dispensed). This allows for product-specific access controls (so that certain items can only be vended by authorized groups or in limited amounts within a time period). A versatile solution for wide-ranging but generally smaller-sized items.
Providing per-item traceability along with ‘grab and go’ access. The user makes a selection to unlock a cabinet, locker, or drawer, and sensors automatically detect and report the number of items taken by that individual. Device options include lockers, cabinets, drawers with bins, and a cabinet/drawer combo, supporting products ranging from bulk items, to boxes and cans, to loose hardware and cutting tools.
These multipurpose devices can be used in three different ways: (1) to vend large consumable items, (2) to automate the check-out/return process for assets (tools, scanners, tablets, etc.), and (3) to retrieve spot-buy deliveries from Fastenal through our Locker Pickup program.

Diverse lineup of machines to support wide-ranging product needs.

Dynamic reporting and real-time data: when, where, and how you want to see it.

Machines provided free of charge on a simple and straightforward service agreement. (*Software fees apply)

Local Fastenal personnel monitor and replenish the machines – no paperwork or labor required.

Ongoing program optimization to keep pace with your changing business needs (right technology, right products, right amounts)

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